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60/40 Hand Sanitizer Disinfectant Spray with Colloidal Silver, 2.5 fl.oz.

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This antiviral and antibacterial spray contains awesome ingredients that provide extra protection and hand softening properties at the same time, all the while smelling great! Though limited in quantity due to containing hard-to-find ingredients, we have formulated a fantastic spray hand sanitizer that is proprietary - you will not find another like it anywhere. 

This personal disinfectant contains 99% isopropyl alcohol with a 60/40% ratio to organic aloe vera gel. It also contains extra strength colloidal silver, made right here in our facility, along with organic grapefruit seed extract, both of which have natural antiviral/antibacterial properties. We encourage you to research these amazing compounds for yourself! Vitamin E oil keeps hands from drying out, and the organic lavender essential oil not only smells wonderful, it has its own antibacterial properties.

This PET spray bottle has all the ingredients and directions on the label. Use as desired on external parts of the body only. 

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