Mosquito Armor all natural mosquito spray that really works for those deep woods moments. A proprietary product. 4 oz. aluminum spray bottle - Wild Montana Soap Co.
Mosquito Armor Extreme Repel Insect Bug Spray - All Natural
Wild Montana Soap Company

Mosquito Armor Extreme Repel Insect Spray, 4 oz.

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This is an all natural insect repellent that stops bugs in their tracks! It took us awhile to perfect this bite repellent, but we nailed it this season! Made with skin-softening inactive ingredients like organic coconut oil and organic aloe vera gel - these are the only carrier ingredients! The rest of the additives in this spray are all active ingredients, which include: garlic juice, grapefruit seed extract, and a blend of 5 proprietary, high-quality essential oils. You'll be amazed at the skin-softening properties, the great, non-chemical smell, and how well it works to keep the insects at bay! 4+ fluid ounces contained in a high quality aluminum bottle with black sprayer.

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